About Us


Waikato Pump Services Ltd specialises in Pumping Equipment Install and Service. WPS back this up
with a suitably skilled team including, Pumping Technicians, Electricians & Welders. With the
combined skill base, WPS are well represented to design, manage, and carry out most activities
associated with any agriculture, domestic, commercial or industrial pumping activity.

Waikato Pump Services Ltd represents three major suppliers, Grundfos Pumps NZ Ltd for most
pumping applications, RX Plastics for poly and PVC piping and Hansen Products for all pipe fittings.
WPS are not limited to the above suppliers and select plant and equipment applicable to the task at
hand to bring together the correct equipment selection for the right application. Our ability to maintain
after sales backup and service influences our selection of equipment.

Water Tap. Waikato Pumping Services

Purpose & Vision

To lead our industry from the front in service and reliability, partnering with the best
equipment and technology available in today’s market.